Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Melbourne Art Fair 2014, August 13- 17

Cube Contemporary Art Projects will be exhibiting at the Melbourne Art Fair August 13 - 17 2014. CCA Projects will be taking to three artists, Dianne Gall , Stewart MacFarlane and Jim Thalassoudis to Melbourne.

CCA Projects will have a new website coming soon...

Friday, March 23, 2012

What's left of "More Real Than Real" is now at Cube Contemporary Art Projects + more.

More Real Than Real: Realism From the USA & Canada closed this last week with a record number of people visiting Peter Walker Fine Art on it's last day.  The show was very successful with roughly 40% of the works selling. Not bad considering the unfamilarity of the artists here and the overal state of the local art market, which can be considered sluggish at best.

Meanwhile there is still a chance to see some of the masterpieces from this exhibition at Cube Contemporary Art Projects. The new exhibition display at the gallery is spectacular and well worth paying a visit if you're in Adelaide over the next few weeks.

Also worth checking out in the gallery is the new display cabinet full of the weird and wonderful, as well as handmade jewellery is 
by Belinda Moses and ranges from an affordable $26.50 to $66.

Finally, we have a pair of paintings in the gallery by Hobie Porter from his recent body of work, the series titled Full Circle.  This one is titled Consumption: bury the bottle, oil on unbleached polyester canvas, 36x36cm, 2011

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jennifer Nehrbass, new painting in the Gallery.

Cube Contemporary Art Projects have been previewing a few of the paintings that'll be in "More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA & Canada before it opens as the Adelaide Festival exhibition for Peter Walker Fine Art  , March 1 - 18.

Just arrived this week from Albuquerque, New Mexico is this wonderful painting by Jennifer Nehrbass titled Typhoon Odessa, oil on canvas, 36 x 30 in (91.5x76cm). This important painting comes from Jennifer's Cameo Series that were exhibited in her solo exhibition "Weep and Wonder" at the Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica. 

We are very privaliaged to have Typhoon Odessa here and it's hanging for a couple of weeks on our feature wall at the entrance of the main gallery.

For more about Jennifer's work, CLICK HERECLICK HERE

Friday, February 10, 2012

New exhibition each week

Every Saturday Cube Contemporary Art Projects opens with a new hang. Rather than setting a calendar of monthly exhibitions, we a planning to have a singular glacial exhibition. Like a glacier, it'll slowly move and change, as new works arrive, the hang will change, older works and those sold will move out.

On the walls, from left to right, paintings by Jim Thalassoudis, Stewart MacFarlane and Lacey Lewis. Sculptures on the table Oil paint scrapings from the palette of Jim Thalassoudis.

Depending on the whim of the directors, the look and feel of the exhibition can change dramatically or in subtle ways, Sometimes certain artists will be featured more prominently, but mostly there will be an eclectic mix of art, honed down to only works of high quality. 

On the walls, from left to right, paintings by Jim Thalassoudis and Robert Fenton. Sculptures on the table Oil paint scrapings from the palette of Jim Thalassoudis.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New paintings by Robert Fenton at Cube Contemporary Art Projects

Robert Fenton, It was May 1991. Cindy waited but Damien Hirst never returned for her..., oil on canvas, 69 x 83 cm

Cube Contemporary Art Projects is pleased to announce that two new paintings by Robert Fenton have arrived at the Gallery.

Robert's painting "It was May 1991. Cindy...." was shortlisted for the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.

Robert Fenton; "It was May 1991. Cindy waited but Damien Hirst never returned for her.." is based on and having a crack at Damien Hirst and his 2007 Turner Prize winning work of a sliced cow "Love's Paradox". Set in/on a 1600's landscape is a lose reference to Hirst's comment "Anyone can be like Rembrandt.". You have Cindy a blow up cow sex toy which in it's self is a paradox of Hirsts "Love's Paradox".

This and my recent works tend to focus on strange and elusive narratives which offer the viewer no easy answers at first. My works investigate the overlap of the vivid imagery. The real and imagined dissolve into one another, creating narratives that unfold primarily through the humour and sometimes black humour of the title. I have the figures centre stage and propelled forward, toward the viewer sometimes floating, not here nor there. This leaves the viewer two ways of seeing the work. 1 as a still life or 2 as a staged scene. Not till the viewer reads the title do the two merge. In short this causes humour, smile a laugh at times and the viewer to be thrown off kilter slightly adding to my own sense of grandeur."

The gallery is now open Saturdays, 11 am - 5 pm, so if you are in Adelaide, drop in and see Robert's paintings, as well as the work of other artists.

Robert Fenton, They meet in the mosh pit of a Sex Pistols concert and fell in love, he was doing the worm, 2011, oil & digital print on canvas,  40 x 35 cm

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Canada: Cube Contemporary Art Project No 4

More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Canada is an exhibition curated by Jim Thalassoudis for Peter Walker Fine Art and is on during the Adelaide Festival of Arts (1 - 17 March ).

“Realism”, as in the painted 2-D illusion of the recognizable, is the most pervasive art form in the history of Western art. At various times it has come to the fore, at other times it has been obliterated. Over the ages, Realism has repeatedly resurfaced and become relevant to the prevailing culture.

In the last decade there has been a proliferation of “atelier” art schools teaching the skills, methods, and knowledge of the past. Coupled with the revival of the atelier is the use of the Internet, allowing literally thousands of like-minded painters to find each other, to form social collectives, to teach, to learn and to pass on information.

The value of the Internet to the recent revitalization of realism cannot be understated. The high technology of speed and dissemination of information ironically also suits those whose normal pursuit is in the solitary life of the slowly made art: the artist who uses age-old skills with pigment on canvas to create beguiling illusions.

 Joshua Suda,  Amalgamation           oil on panel            30.5 x 40.5 cm           

Artists working in one form of realism or another have flocked to social networking sites. They have joined art forums and Facebook, set up blogs and webcasts, uploaded videos on YouTube, even produced DVDs. Online video art magazines dedicated to realism have recently attracted a large following.

Why? The answer is so obvious that it's staring us in the face: social networking sites, from Facebook to art forums, allow the reproduction and reduction of images, particularly of realist paintings, in a way that still lets them retain much of their potent imagery.

 Jonathan Queen,  The Secret       oil on panel         51 x 40.5 cm           

Martin Creed won the Turner Prize with an installation consisting of an empty room with a light switching from on to off. How do we photographically represent this without it looking utterly lacking and insipid? Likewise, other art forms like installation art and video art lose much in reproduction, and video art dies on YouTube. By contrast, David Kassan's video of Finger Painting on the Apple iPad from the live model has gone viral with about 1.5 million views.

 Stephen Magsig,   Greene St shadows     oil on panel     30.5 x 25 cm      

The retention of the "wow factor" in realist painting on the Internet comes from knowing that what we are looking at ultimately is paint on canvas. How the recent resurgence of realism takes shape and how it fits within the Contemporary Art World will be very interesting to watch in the coming years. One thing is certain: the re-skilling and emergence of literally hundreds of new realist painters per year will certainly have some effect.

Grayden Parrish,  Susanna looking to the right     oil on panel  50.8 x 45.5 cm

This exhibition is born of the Internet. The artists are decentralized, mostly located in the provinces and connected by social networking. Many of the artists in this exhibition are well known within the realism fraternity in Australia. Now, for the first time, their paintings are being seen here.

 Katherine Stone,  Bottle fly      oil on panel     61 x 40.5 cm

The 20 artists included in More Real Than Real; Realism from the USA and Canada are ;

TRAVIS MICHAEL BAILEY  from Union, Missouri
MARINA DIEUL from Montreal, Quebec
JEFF GOLA from Moorestown, New Jersey
JASON JOHN from Jacksonville, Florida
TARA JUNEAU  from Victoria, British Columbia
DAVID KASSAN  from Brooklyn, New York
TRAVIS LOUIE from Flushing, New York
LACEY LEWIS  from Kansas,

Lacey Lewis, Lucky Deluxe    oil on canvas       76 x 61 cm

BRIAN MARTIN  from Providence,  Rhode Island
JENNIFER NEHRBASS  from Albuquerque, New Mexico
GRAYDON PARRISH  from Austin, Texas
LEE PRICE  from Beacon , New York
CINDY PROCIOUS  from Chattanooga, Tennessee
JONATHAN QUEEN  from Cincinnati, Ohio
PIERRE RABY from Montreal, Quebec
KATHERINE STONE from Victoria, Canada 
JOSHUA SUDA from Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 
SADIE JERNIGAN VALERI from San Francisco, California

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cube Contemporary Art Projects Opens Feb 4

Cube Contemporary Art Projects will open to the public on Saturday Feb 4 with a selection of Contemporary Australian and International art.

The gallery times are Saturdays 11 am- 5pm, or by appointment.

Rather than exhibit a series of exhibitions on a monthly basis, we will have a singular glacial group exhibition that changes either slightly, or in a dramatic way each Saturday, as new artworks come and go.

Arriving at the gallery in the coming weeks are some absolutely stunning new paintings by artists Hobie Porter and Robert Fenton.

The gallery is one of the largest private commercial galleries in Adelaide with 60 linear meters of wall space, so drop by Cube Contemporary Art Projects, on a Saturday and check us out.

Cube Contemporary Art Projects is based at 91 B Drayton St, Bowden, 5007, South Australia. PH +61 8 8346