Thursday, February 9, 2012

New paintings by Robert Fenton at Cube Contemporary Art Projects

Robert Fenton, It was May 1991. Cindy waited but Damien Hirst never returned for her..., oil on canvas, 69 x 83 cm

Cube Contemporary Art Projects is pleased to announce that two new paintings by Robert Fenton have arrived at the Gallery.

Robert's painting "It was May 1991. Cindy...." was shortlisted for the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.

Robert Fenton; "It was May 1991. Cindy waited but Damien Hirst never returned for her.." is based on and having a crack at Damien Hirst and his 2007 Turner Prize winning work of a sliced cow "Love's Paradox". Set in/on a 1600's landscape is a lose reference to Hirst's comment "Anyone can be like Rembrandt.". You have Cindy a blow up cow sex toy which in it's self is a paradox of Hirsts "Love's Paradox".

This and my recent works tend to focus on strange and elusive narratives which offer the viewer no easy answers at first. My works investigate the overlap of the vivid imagery. The real and imagined dissolve into one another, creating narratives that unfold primarily through the humour and sometimes black humour of the title. I have the figures centre stage and propelled forward, toward the viewer sometimes floating, not here nor there. This leaves the viewer two ways of seeing the work. 1 as a still life or 2 as a staged scene. Not till the viewer reads the title do the two merge. In short this causes humour, smile a laugh at times and the viewer to be thrown off kilter slightly adding to my own sense of grandeur."

The gallery is now open Saturdays, 11 am - 5 pm, so if you are in Adelaide, drop in and see Robert's paintings, as well as the work of other artists.

Robert Fenton, They meet in the mosh pit of a Sex Pistols concert and fell in love, he was doing the worm, 2011, oil & digital print on canvas,  40 x 35 cm

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  1. Is this the same Robert Fenton, which was born in 1966 Sydney, Australia and known for Contemporary Art and creativity?
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